At VCU, I usually teach two graduate seminars each year, the methods course for the Department of Art History and a core course for Media, Art, and Text program.

ARTH690: Historiography and Methodology for Art History

A critical overview of art history as a discipline from the mid-eighteenth century to the present. Students gain an understanding of the discipline’s initial formation and of the changing theoretical bases for its practice. Classes are primarily discussion of weekly readings. Further work consists of small writing assignments and major independent research project, resulting in an annotated bibliography. The goal is to provide a foundation for future study and to prepare students to be informed practitioners in their own fields and across the discipline.

MATX 604: Interdisciplinary Workshop


Past Graduate Courses

For MATX: Representing the Artist, History of Interdisciplinarity and Multimedia

For Art History:  19th-Century Nude, 19th-Century Portraits